T-Shirt Design

My wife, Emily, and I have entered the custom T-shirt design business. We've invested in a vinyl cutter and t-shirt press that allows us to create custom t-shirts, bags, signs and more for friends and associates. Here are some of our most recent examples. You can see more at our Facebook page.

Emily defines it as "anything that lays flat."

We're not at the point where we can print photos or custom colors. We hope to add that capability in the future, but for now, we're limited to what color vinyl we have on hand (or can order).

As a rule, the more complex the design; the harder it is to cut out (or even create). Harry's pretty good at converting shapes, and Emily's pretty good at putting things together, but we're not miracle workers. Be kind.

Emily's also starting to bake cookies again, so check with her on that.